It is often that during hard times we find ourselves vulnerable to harmful behavior. As anxiety sets in, emotional control starts to diminish. Soon we start behaving self-deprecatingly and plunging ourselves deeper into trouble. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

By simply making a plan and committing to it, we resolve half of our problems. What follows is a lot of practice to help you attune your mind to your situation and build a calm awareness.

Kelly Lindamood expounds on this thought at Everyday Health.


Mastering Mindfulness: 3 Steps to Daily Calm and Control

I’m a health coach who works with many women going through transitions, such as changing jobs, retiring, becoming empty nesters, and caring for aging parents. Major transitions are times when unhelpful behaviors like anxiety and overeating tend to take over, but they don’t have to. Cultivating mindfulness can be the secret to fighting those undesirable responses to stress.
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