feeding-frenzy-2I define a Frenetic Frenzy as that state of mind you get yourself into, when things are not going exactly the way you want. You are distraught, you despair, your mind goes around and around, and, before you now it, you have driven yourself into a Frenetic Frenzy.

It is important to address this state of mind quickly. I find I am considerably ineffective if I try to sort through an issue, make decisions, or resolve problems when I have been overtaken by a Frenetic Frenzy. Its important to change your frame of mind, and get your Frenzy under control.

Here are the 3 things I do when I have gotten myself into a Frenetic Frenzy.

  1. Take a very large step back – Immediately, when I find myself in a Frenetic Frenzy, I get away from the situation, shift my focus, and switch to doing something completely different. Sometimes, this involves putting on the television, writing, listening to music, or tackling a household chore. The more different the alternative activity, the better it is for fighting off the Frenetic Frenzy. Taking your mind completely off the issue that caused the Frenzy is one of the keys. The other is to do something that will provide a positive outcome, and have you feeling a sense of accomplishment and effectiveness.
  2. Re-examine the issue objectively – After you take that step back, and some time has elapsed, giving your mind the opportunity to clear, sit down and ask yourself the following questions:
    1. What is the true impact of the issue?
    2. How important is it to address the issue right away?
    3. What are the potential solutions?
      • List the pros and cons of each
      • Rank the solutions in the order that they best address the issue
      • Choose the highest value solution
  3. Check in with a trusted adviser or mentor, a voice of value. Explain the issue, stay factual, state no opinions and give no solutions. Ask for a reaction, then sit back and listen. After this discussion, you may want to review potential solutions, listing pros and cons, and then rank them as above.

Our lifestyles, circumstances, and the world we live in, quite often drive us into a Frenetic Frenzy. The above tactics are 3 things I have found to be helpful in dealing effectively with life’s Frenzies.

I trust they will be helpful to you as well.

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Enrique Fiallo
Enrique Fiallo

I am a Life, Career, and Recovery Coach, author, lecturer, speaker, blogger, teacher and mentor. My life experience includes roles as a CEO, CIO, COO, Chief Technologist, Teacher, Program Manager, Product Manager and Scrum Master.