Cancer Diagnosis: My Family

This is Part III of the series on Cancer Diagnosis Themes.

For me, right after my diagnosis, a very early thought that embedded itself in my mind, sticking there like a rusty nail, eating in to my thoughts every day, was “What will my family do? How can I take care of my family?”

This is only natural, and having talked with more than a few cancer clinic waiting-room inhabitants, it’s pretty common. In addition to the incredible stress the

But it’s not the right focus. Here’s why.

I am not suggesting one should not care about their family. I care deeply about mine. And they have been instrumental in my healing and recovery. What I am saying is that you need to focus on and take care of self first, or you will not be around long enough to do your family any good.

A certain amount of selfishness here is called for:

  • Get your priorities straight
  • Focus on your recovery, healing, treatment, and psyche,
  • Then you can then take care of the other very important things in life.

Without strength and health, you won’t be able to get it together enough to care for your family.

And although not the topic of this particular post, the same applies to addictions. Under the powerful grip of addictions, you will be less than useful to your loved ones.

Fix you, then a healthier, more together you, can help the family.

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