Dr. Jean LaCour attends Special Session of UN General Assembly on the World Drug Problem


New York City, April 19-21, 2016 – Dr. Jean LaCour, President of both NET Institute and the International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition (ISAAC), will attend the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on the world drug problem at the UN Headquarters in New York. This special session shall consist of general debate and multi-stakeholder round tables conducted by member nations in parallel with the plenary which will include heads of state and other high ranking dignitaries.

Topics of debate will include the “war on drugs” stance that has been the consensus since the 1960’s and 70’s. Several countries are expected to declare that this approach has been disastrous and there needs to be a shift away from punishment and incarceration to investing more in drug prevention and treatment. Regardless of the outcome of policies, NET Institute’s mission is to equip an international hands-on workforce to provide quality care and recovery services to people with addiction problems within their own cultural context.

According to Dr. LaCour, “The West has a voracious appetite for mood altering substances. This high demand for drugs affects poor, developing nations that have become drug producing or transit nations controlled by drug traffickers to service the growing demand. This dynamic thwarts traditional development and humanitarian efforts in developing nations, and also results in a river of suffering for hundreds of thousands of men, women and children caught in a global web of violence, societal breakdown, disease, and the chaos of addiction.”

“I am attending this Special Session on the World Drug Problem to represent stakeholders within the addiction recovery workforce in our ISAAC network with 1,000 members in 80 nations.  Our mission and mandate is to provide culturally relevant prevention and addiction recovery services using proven practices, both secular and faith based, and to advocate for the right of individual charities and NGOs within our network to provide clinical and non-clinical services as part of the international response to the massive global tragedy of substance misuse and addiction.”

Learn more at http://www.unodc.org/ungass2016/

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