38935720 - young businesswoman dreaming sitting on a chair in the open air.It can be very difficult to find the right work life balance for you. Finding that balance doesn’t necessarily mean that you work and play the same amount of time, rather, it’s finding a comfortable balance between both, finding something that works well for you.

It’s important to be able to get your work done, but it’s also essential to have personal time. This time allows you connect with loved ones and it provides the ability to recharge and refocus. Without breaks, we’d all end up burnt out, and without the right balance, we’re likely to go through life feeling pretty stressed.

So, how do you achieve this hard-to-reach phenomenon? Don’t worry, it is possible. Start by looking over your schedule. You can get ahead of things by being proactive about your calendar. Think about how much time you need to exercise, relax, spend time with loved ones, and consider any special days coming up like birthdays or holidays. Make a point to schedule the time on your calendar so you’ll know it’s off limits if anyone tries to recruit you for other plans.

Don’t be afraid to set boundaries. Sometimes you need them, and sometimes that means saying ‘no.’ You may need to set specific non-work hours, or do not disturb hours. This may mean putting away the mobile devices for a short time, since mobile devices can often keep us hooked on work as well.

Make time for vacations, even if it means just taking a single day off for a break. Your mind and body need a break sometimes in order to refuel. Allowing yourself time off from work can actually make you perform better when you return.

Reconsider some of your responsibilities. There may be things in your personal life that you can reevaluate. Can you hire a housekeeper or someone to do your lawn maintenance? Consider what you can order online, too, and skip the trip to the store. You can simplify your schedule by delegating some of your tasks or automating them.

Take these tips to heart and start embracing a healthy work life balance. It can help you feel better and allow you to put forth your best self when you’re on the job.