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In this International Coach Federation (ICF) Blog article, Suzanne Muusers, a Financial Advisor Coach and Business Plan Consultant shares some key daily actions that keep your coaching practice productive and thriving.

April 7, 2016: Spend 10 Minutes a Day on these 5 Actions for Your Coaching Practice.

Do you start your working day wondering what you should be doing? Are you wandering aimlessly through your work life? If you want to work on your coaching practice in a productive manner, then this article is for you.

When I first started my coaching business, I was at a loss for how I should be spending my days. I asked myself, “What should I be doing today to grow my coaching business?”

Being no stranger to owning a business, I used my previous experience to guide me in becoming a productive coaching business owner by thinking about what I’d done in the past to make sure I was on track with my business goals. I wanted a process that wouldn’t take much time but with actions that would be meaningful.

Here are five things you can do daily in less than 10 minutes that will keep you moving forward in your coaching practice. Read more

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