33727922 - close up portrait of a happy young black woman smilingWe believe that all coaching is life coaching. Many professionals in this field have worked closely with clients through many challenging personal experiences. Now, we are excited to announce our newest online course, Life Coaching Essentials, which can help those who are already coaching to earn their Life Coaching credential.

This course is great for counselors, therapists, people in recovery and their loved ones, and all others in career transition who want to learn life coaching techniques and earn a credential through a flexible, online program. You can use the life coaching skills you may have already gained to become an expert and understand how to further help those in need.

In our Life Coaching Essentials program, you will gain the skills and tools of a Professional Life Coach. You will also learn best practices for launching your own coaching business. The program teaches proven protocols presented in the context of professional competencies established by the International Coach Federation. With your Professional Life Coaching certification, you will be prepared to serve many types of clients, including those seeking recovery coaching.

Life coaching is a great way to help people gain healthier, happier lives. You can learn all the ins and outs of this career through our latest online program. Enroll today by clicking here. This 20-hour course will give you many of the skills you need to be a successful life coach and have a great coaching practice where you can truly help those who need it.