According to FBI and DEA research 46,000 people die from drug abuse annually in the U.S. That’s more than in car accidents and gun violence combined. Half of that number are related to opiate drug abuse. Through the use of the upcoming film documentary, “Chasing the Dragon” FBI Director James Comey hopes to make a personal connection with teenagers in an effort to stem the tide of opioid use and abuse. (Film trailer link included in the article below)

Chinese Dragon
Chinese Dragon

T.Rees Shapiro of The Washington Post reports in the following article.

The faces on the screen are a cross-section of suburban America. One is an eagle scout. Another is a cheerleader. There’s a mother of an infant child and a corporate account executive clearing six figures a year.

All abused prescription painkillers, a common trait that has them appearing in a new documentary, “Chasing the Dragon,” produced at the behest of FBI director James Comey. The searing film featuring testimony from overdose survivors is part of a revamped effort by the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration to address a health crisis that they say has quietly destroyed countless lives and kills tens of thousands of people each year.

Comey, who took a personal interest in the film’s development, is scheduled to meet with educators and administrators from school districts in the Washington region Thursday to talk about an increasingly dangerous trend among youths: the abuse of prescription opiates such as Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet. Read More

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