Business woman and cat in kitchenAs a coach, you will probably be very invested in the people you work with. You’ll encourage them and want to see them succeed. When they stumble, you’ll want to see them get back up and start again. This investment is one of the reasons you became a coach, because you enjoy helping others succeed. However, being invested in others can also take its toll on you.

When you’re emotionally invested in others, it can run you down. As a busy professional, you probably constantly have something go on, juggling many plates. But all of this time and investment can have negative effects on your emotional well-being.

You’ll need to find an outlet to handle your emotions as well. Maybe that means you talk with a close friend or family member about other stresses going on in your life. You could confide in a trained professional, even coaches and therapists can have therapists.

However, if you prefer another outlet, consider journaling out your emotions. It allows you to free them from your mind and let them go. Pets can also provide great emotional support. You can tell them anything and relax with them, being comforted by their love and loyalty.

Being a support for someone else is rewarding, you get to help others make goals and see them through to the finish line. But, it can also be mentally exhausting at times. While you’re being an emotional support, don’t forget that you also need to find support to get you through the days ahead.