In the fields of addiction and recovery, how much is truly certain? Is it possible to quantify results conclusively? Does anything tangible exist to be quantified?

In this article from The Fix, Lance Dode, MD gives his two cents about what’s indubitable about addiction.

What Do We Really Know About Addiction?

Is evidence-based treatment all it’s cracked up to be?

Introduction: In part because addiction treatment generally developed apart from, as opposed to part of, the medical field, both clinical theory and practice around addiction are in their relative infancies as compared to other health care domains. We are still striving to come to a basic understanding of the key elements involved in the complex biopsychosocial phenomena involved in addiction, as evidenced by this recent review of the “brain disease model of addiction” in Lancet. What do we really know with certainty about addiction? Lance Dodes, MD, takes a cold, hard look…Richard Juman

Source : The Fix

Evidence-based treatment is as accepted as motherhood and apple pie.  After all, evidence is the cornerstone of science itself. Before the Age of Enlightenment, people could claim anything was true, but evidence tells us whether claims are justified. There’s just one problem: if the evidence is faulty or irrelevant, so is the claim based on it. That is exactly what has happened for too much of what we are told in health care, and addiction in particular. See full post here

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