30603139 - close up portrait of a confident african american business womanTo encourage others along their path and help them stay positive, we too have to keep a positive mindset. This can sometimes be a challenge, especially as we help others sort through their own difficulties and emotions. So, how do you maintain your own mental health while allowing your clients to honestly share their feelings and difficulties?

  • Take time each day to unburden yourself by writing in a journal. You can express any thoughts and feelings you are dealing with. This is also a great way to get a better night’s rest because it allows you to release the negative tensions that can keep you up at night.
  • Be an encouragement to yourself. Find inspirational stories to read where people overcame their past. Remind yourself of people you worked with in the past and the successes you’ve seen through your work.
  • Decorate your office and home with positive, inspirational quotes like: “Believe you can, and you’re half way there.” (Theodore Roosevelt)
  • Make a point to focus on the people and experiences you are grateful for in your life.
  • Take care of your health. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, allowing time to exercise (even if it’s just 10-15 minutes) and choosing healthy foods.

As a coach, it can be easy to turn all of the focus on the people who need you most. However, if you can keep a positive mindset it will not only help you feel better, but can encourage you to be an even better coach and inspiration for others.