We often treat addiction as a separate affliction – a self-contained condition with symptoms of its own. However in doing so, we might be ignoring the underlying causes of addiction. This might probably be better understood by treating addiction as a symptom of something larger rather than focusing on trying to cure it conventionally.

This idea also seems to enhance the conventional twelve-step program originating from Alcoholics Anonymous by improving on its parts.

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Here is an article on The Fix by Dr. Rosemary Brown with Laura MacKay.

Addiction is the Symptom, Not the Problem

The 12 steps are considered sacrosanct by many, yet high relapse rates among people in AA and other step groups are problematic. While some treatment professionals dismiss the steps entirely, Dr. Rosemary Brown instead has endeavored to make them better by shifting their focus from the individual symptoms of addiction—i.e. the individual drugs or behaviors—to what she suggests is the core emotional-spiritual deficit common to all forms of addiction. See full post here

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