When you’ve been addicted to alcohol for a long time, it gets near impossible to stop abusing it. The brain gets used to certain patterns of abuse and rejects any attempt to alter them. So how beneficial is it for alcoholics to try to control their drinking?

Beth Burgess from “Sort My Life Solutions” or SMYLS gives her two cents.

Should Alcoholics Try to Control Their Drinking?

What a strange title. Is that what you’re thinking? Of course alcoholics should try to control their drinking ‒ shouldn’t they? After all, their overuse of alcohol is causing them and everyone around them a lot of pain.

Beth Burgess - Smyls
Source: Google Plus

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Not if you’re addicted to alcohol. What many people, and indeed, many alcoholics don’t understand, is that once you’re addicted to alcohol, your ability to control your drinking goes right out of the window. See full post here

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