For victims of alcohol abuse, the answer is simply: No. You never know what could trigger that downward spiral into becoming an alcoholic once again. It can, however, be very hard to refuse a drink or two on social occasions.

We understand that. But if you want to avoid getting trapped in this endless cycle of abuse and recovery, you can will yourself to abstain – and here are some tips on how to go about doing that!

Kelly Fitzgerald writes for Sober Nation


8 Ways to Just Say No to Alcohol In Social Situations

Alcohol Addiction Recovery

When we make the decision to get sober we often have to relearn how to be –  how to be social, interact in relationships, and deal with emotions. It would be easy for us to lock ourselves away from the world and never have to deal with the difficult ins and outs of life, but that’s just not realistic. One of the many things we need to learn in sobriety is how to say no to alcohol in social situations. It’s recommended that we change people, places, and things in recovery, but ultimately, we should have the tools to deal with all of these situations. Triggers tend to pop up in the most peculiar places and as sober people, we must be ready. Here are 8 ways you can say no to alcohol in social situations. Read more

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