Big changes can be satisfying, like a fresh coat of paint in a dingy room, or replacing your well used bike or car.   We respond with a hearty YES, that’s much better!

But in our daily lives and in the special work we get to do in Addiction Recovery, it is often the small incremental changes that are the source of a spontaneous smile and even deep gratitude in the midst of our busy lives or a stressful day.

In the Northern Hemisphere March brings the end of winter and ushers in the Spring season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the earth seems to come to life again. For our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, March is the beginning of winter with the promise of Spring coming in September. I think of this alternating rhythm as our planet inhaling and exhaling- both are satisfying.

I encourage you to take notice of the small changes that touch you – the delight of a child who learns to walk or to tie their shoes; a beloved pet that responds to your mood; a person in early recovery who notices the needs of another; the soaring flight of migrating birds; the satisfaction in taking down storm shutters or putting them up.

I encourage you in this new season to enjoy the transforming richness of being mindful……. It’s as close as your next deep breath.

With great joy,