A hot topic among our lawmakers is opiate abuse. As recovery professionals, it is in our best interest to know and understand how opiates are abused, what abusing them can lead to, and what we can do to help. Fortunately, you can get this information from our online opiate impact course.

Through our one-hour course you will learn a variety of valuable matters surrounding opiate abuse in today’s society.

You will learn how opiate abuse impedes recovery.

This is crucial for all those who want to coach people through recovery. You must understand how recovery from opiates is different than other drugs that are abused.

You can better understand the brain’s chemical processes.

Opiate abuse, like many other kinds of drug abuse, can wreak havoc on the brain. We must understand the brain and how opiates affect it.

You will learn the three phases of drug abstinence.

These phases will help you reach out to people who are in recovery from opiates. It’s critical to understand how drug abstinence phases work and how your clients can reach these varying phases.

You can hear personal stories of horror and hope.

It’s always a good idea to be reminded of why we’re in this profession. Learn about people who have suffered from opiate abuse and how recovery has helped them.

Take time to learn about the impact of opiates. This is something that can benefit you as a recovery coach, a concerned citizen, and a supporter for those in need.

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