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Our Premier Online Recovery Coach Training Programs will soon be changing … so here is your last opportunity in 2016 to earn valuable credentials in the current online only format and enjoy a Special Discount:

  • For existing coaches we are offering our Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC) 80 hour credential program with a $300 tuition discount.

Click here:

  • For those who desire to become a coach with a specialty in recovery, we are offering our CPRC-Dual 100 hour credential program with a $600 tuition discount.

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Going forward our CPRC Certificate will require the ICF Approved LIVE Interactive Skills Group training.

If you or anyone you know has considered either of our CPRC programs – now is the time to purchase them at a special discount in their current Self-Paced Online format.

The CPRC and CPRC Dual Training Programs will only be offered through November 30th before we make our updated programs available in December 2016.

We look forward to hearing from you and look forward to serving you in greater ways in the days to come.


Dr Jean LaCour Ph.D., CPP, CPC

NET Institute CEO