In recovery we need to utilize any tool that works for us to stay motivated, organized and on-track with our sobriety. There are any number of recovery apps out there, but we wanted to provide a list free or low cost apps you might want to choose from and try out. If you have experience with any of these tools – give us your feedback – or try one out and see if it adds value to your life.


Portrait of beautiful girl using her mobile phone in cafe.
Portrait of beautiful girl using her mobile phone in cafe.

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Recovery on the Go? Here are some of the Best Mobile Apps to Stay Connected.

For many adults of the 21stcentury, smart phones or tablets have become an extension of their hands. They keep everyone connected and functioning in a technological world. And while some may decry that evolution socially, in the recovery process they can serve as a convenient and practical tool.

Mobile recovery apps can help users find meetings, receive daily affirmations or inspirations, track recovery progress, contact their sponsor and more. Here is a list of the best affordable (or free) mobile apps on the market.

1 – Hazelden’s Mobile MORE Field Guide to Life

Hazelden’s Field Guide to Life app comes in three volumes: “The Basics,” “Owning It” and “The New You!” It’s available on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and Hazeldon is currently evaluating the creation of the application for other common mobile devices and operating systems. In working through each of the volumes, users progress through the stages of recovery over the course of one year. Hazelden designed the app for the entire spectrum of the sober community, from people new to recovery who are just out of treatment to the millions of people who wish to renew their recovery. Read More

Try one out today and let us know!

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