Due to a growing demand for recovery coach certification, we have two unique programs to choose from. There are so many reasons why people decide that Professional Recovery Coaching is right for them. 

1) CPRC Self-Paced Online Recovery Coach Certification Program

This in-depth training will give you a complete education on recovery coach competencies, the neuroscience behind joyful recovery and family issues in recovery. This training will give you the confidence to help others through recovery. After this recovery coach certification course, you will feel so much more qualified to join the recovery coaching field and finally be able to help others in a way you’ve always wanted to.

This course is designed for counselors, therapists, and existing coaches, as well as recovery advocates or family members seeking recovery insights and tools.

2) CPRC Dual Self-Paced Online Recovery Coach Certification Program

In this course, you will earn two credentials with in-depth training in recovery coach competencies and professional life coaching. In addition to everything you’ll learn from our CPRC program, you will also complete the 20-Hour Professional Coaching Program. This additional career training will teach you a proven system to start your coaching career. It includes launching your coaching business, and is an excellent choice for people with no coaching experience.

Through this course, you will be primed and ready for life coaching and recovery coaching. You will be trained to the highest standards to ensure you have the confidence and ability to do the work you’ve always wanted to.

If you’d like to learn more about our coaching programs, or if you’re ready to begin learning today, visit our website for more information and registration access.