woman open arms under the sunset at seaIf you ever watched “Full House” and you’re familiar with Stephanie Tanner, you can’t help but picture a young girl saying, “You got it, dude.” It was her key phrase for some time on the show. When you think back to that young, adorable girl or watch reruns, it’s hard to believe everything she’s gone through since.

When the show ended Jodie Sweetin found herself struggling. She ended up turning to alcohol and eventually to drugs as well. She battled as years went by, doing occasional TV spots and a mockumentary. But, after years of struggling and her addiction seemingly on the path to getting deeper, she turned around. She knew it was time to get help. Jodie Sweetin went to rehab and started a new life in 2008.

Her experience caused passion to stir in her, so she became a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She worked helping others in treatment and shared with the world in her book “UnSweetined.” Sweetin also went on to act in some Lifetime Movies, the movie “Walt Before Mickey” and appeared on the TV series “Hollywood Darlings.” In 2016, she returned to her original famous role as Stephanie Tanner in “Fuller House.”

Her path to recovery led her to being honored at the 2019 Experience, Strength & Hope Awards Show on February 28th. She was also asked to speak at Georgia Southern’s Armstrong campus on March 10th.

Jodie Sweetin is someone who’s been on the other side. She’s walked the tough road to recovery. She knows the ins and outs. She knows the struggles. But she wants people to know it’s entirely possible to get through it. This is a lady who battled the ugly face of addiction and made it through to become a successful woman who believes in the power of recovery.

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