Oftentimes, we act as our own enablers. The idea that being addicted to something is not that bad if you’re not doing something destructive could easily be one of the biggest blunders we subject ourselves to.

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Speaking from experience, here is MB Dreams from the fix on her struggle with abuse and her views on enabling it on her own.

Reflections On My First Day of Sobriety

The last drink I had was a couple sips of a PBR around 3am on December 31, 2015. My boyfriend, some friends and I went to a music showcase the night of the 30th. You know, the electronic music kind where a bunch of white people high on drugs have their minds blown and their faces melted by really loud sounds. The kind where you see 16-year-olds wearing golden leather thongs and hot pink furry boots. Yeah, that kind of show. See full post here

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