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Support from recovery coaches is invaluable to individuals who want to move away from addictive thinking and behavior and live the fulfilling life they long for.

Recovery is no easy feat. It can often be a rough road filled with setbacks and obstacles. There are times when a person gets tripped up and has to decide whether or not they will get back up again. That’s where Recovery Coaches come in. It’s much easier for someone with an addiction to walk this path if they don’t have to do it alone.

A Recovery Coach can walk with them, and help them back up when they fall, steer clear of the things that trip them up and always keep their eyes on the summit.

Support from recovery coaches can look like many things:

  1. Providing helpful resources. They can offer a wealth of helpful information in the form of tools, assessments, self-discovery exercises.
  2. Promoting responsibility. Recovery Coaches can challenge clients to take responsibility and control of their lives.
  3. Offering accountability. With check-ins and follow ups coaches can provide needed accountability and support.
  4. Providing encouragement and honesty. Recovery coaches can be honest with people in recovery and challenge them to be more honest with themselves and others. They can create a warm, inviting atmosphere where individuals can feel safe to talk more openly.
  5. Helping to avoid obstacles. Recovery Coaches can help by suggesting ways to avoid potential pitfalls, by identifying what people or places may cause them to trip up.
  6. Helping them know themselves. They can help individuals remember who they are without the substances or behaviors by helping them tune in to their interests, goals and dreams.
  7. Being a motivator. Recovery Coaches help clients find their inner motivation through self exploration and objective feedback.

Support from recovery coaches make a big difference in the lives of those recovering from addiction. They can help these individuals find their way along a difficult path and make their dreams of recovery, joy, peace and fulfillment a reality.

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