Oftentimes, we subject people who seem to avoid confronting their addictions to admonitions and criticisms. It gets easier and easier to brush their behavior off as a standard case of denial. However, the lines between denial, mortal fear and simple stalling can be too fine at times.

Edward M Paul talks to The Fix about how cases of denial are not as black and white as they seem.

I Don’t Believe in Denial

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How an experienced addiction psychiatrist helps patients navigate the bumpy road to recovery.

Although some physicians in addiction medicine concentrate chiefly on prescribing medications, renowned addiction psychiatrist Edward Paul believes in a more holistic approach. As seen below, Dr. Paul fastens his therapeutic seat belt and uses a multimodal approach to help his patients navigate the “peaks and valleys” that often characterize the path to recovery. Psychotherapy, family sessions, medications and creative interventions, all delivered in the context of a therapeutic alliance that allows full expression of his patients’ ambivalence about substance use, are some of the methods used by Dr. Paul as he helps patients navigate the “gradual learning process” of recovery. —Richard Juman. See full post

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