Congress has recently passed the 21st Century CURE Act, which among other medical research and treatment provisions, offers 1 Billion in grants over the next few years to help states deal with the opioid impact in America. See Washington Post Article

There is no better time for helping professionals to understand the problem of opioid dependency and how individuals who struggle with this addiction can find the help they need.

New Course: Opiate Impact

NET Institute is releasing this timely, 1 hour course that provides a fresh perspective on the science of pain and recovery from opiate addiction. Featuring interviews with recovering addicts and treatment professionals, it illustrates the challenges of opioid use and brings a message of hope.

Opiate Impact is based on the CNS Video production titled “Beyond Opiates”, and presents a new paradigm for understanding chronic pain, and how the extended use of prescription painkillers actually increases the sensitivity of nerve cells which then magnifies pain.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize signs of opiate addiction.
  • Understand chemical processes of the brain when influenced by opiate painkillers.
  • Differentiate between the three phases of achieving drug abstinence.
  • Review effective recovery tools used to break opioid dependence.

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