44612269 - road that says success in the asphaltWhat does this new year look like to you? Is it full of possibilities? Every year, we decide on goals for how we want to improve. Last year, three resolutions tied for first place as the most popular: “Eat healthier, Get more exercise, Save (more money).” There were a variety of other resolutions of course too, focusing on additional ways to excel in the new year. One of which, hits close to home: “Get a (new) job.”

We’re going to turn our focus to this particular resolution, because we think it’s so important to have a job you’re passionate about. You’ll spend a lot of your lifetime on the job, so you want it to be one you care about. You don’t want to spend endless hours in a dead-end job that doesn’t provide you with satisfaction. Instead, you want to find something that fills you with purpose.

We have a great opportunity for those looking for more freedom and independence in their job. This is a job best suited for people who are passionate about helping others succeed in their journey. If you’re resolution is to find a new career, it’s time to consider coaching. It’s a career choice that allows you to really make a difference and be an incredible impact on the lives of others. It also has the ability to give you renewed energy by reigniting your inner being with purpose.

If you’d like to learn more, we invite you to check out our website. We have three great professional coaching programs. CPRC — offering a recovery coaching credential, CPC — a program that provides a life coaching credential, and CPRC Dual — allowing you to earn both credentials in one program.

It’s a new year. The perfect time to make a career change. Are you ready?