Trust in Yourself, Trust in Timing

Carolyn Hamilton-Kuby is a coach and public speaker known for her vibrant spirit and calming presence. She is the owner of Morningstar Leadership Development in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She shares an encouraging story of trusting in perfect timing on the International Coaching Federation Blog:

Trust is the essence of relationships and is at the heart of coaching. As coaches, we establish trust environments, demonstrated in many ways—including trust in clients’ capacity and their choices in driving coaching agendas.

In “Full Catastrophe Living,” Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, addresses the Mindfulness Attitude of Trust: “In practicing mindfulness, you are practicing taking responsibility for yourself and learning to listen to and trust your own being.”

I feel that listening and trusting of my being, as a coach, are evidenced in depth of listening as well as trusting my inner sense in shifting to questioning or observing. It involves trusting my intuition regarding the question to ask, feedback to give (with permission) and timing in doing either.

Both in coaching and life, my mindfulness attitude of trust—in self and timing—has cultivated more so since the following experience: Read more

Trust is at the heart of the coaching relationship. For more information on a career as a Recovery Coach visit our programs page: