It can be hard to remain understanding and supportive when your loved one keeps relapsing into substance abuse over and over. But you should keep in mind that it is most probably harder for them. In order to help yourself or friends suffering from substance addiction, it is necessary you understand why it happens.

While there are some reasons like boredom and peer pressure that warrant strict procedures, there are also some that would need a more delicate approach.


Here is a list of some common reasons people give in to drug abuse by The Second Road


Substance abuse is not just a matter of a lack of willpower.

There are in fact several reasons why someone begins to abuse drugs and alcohol.  An examination of these reasons can go a long way towards explaining why some individuals are more likely to become addicted than others.

In addition, an understanding of the causes of substance abuse can help us understand that substance abuse to a condition that can impact anyone at any stage of life and that it is an illness that needs appropriate treatment.


Some people are more prone to substance abuse than others.  These genetic factors include an increased or more powerful reaction (a bigger high) to drugs and alcohol, a need to take more drugs or alcohol to generate a response and a tendency towards repetitive behaviors.

These “addictive personalities” are often quicker to engage in substance abuse behaviors and have a harder time staying clean and sober for long periods of time.

Genes can explain how one person can experiment and occasionally use drugs, while another individual becomes addicted and unable to control their drug use.

Genetics traces of those prone to addiction can be found by examining family history and chemical responses. See full post here

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