92690990_MMany people struggle with addiction, including people who seem to have it all. Take Ben Affleck, for instance, an actor who has been honest about his struggle with addiction. He’s been in rehab three times now, in 2001, 2017, and 2018.

There are a few things we can learn from Affleck about helping those with addiction. Affleck emphasized the importance of having support from friends, family and fans. He took to social media to talk about the support he received from those close to him and he thanked those who open up about their own battles. Support plays a key role in helping people who struggle through addiction. It’s important that people walking this road don’t feel like they’re doing it alone.

Affleck also demonstrates the importance of honesty. When someone is dealing with addiction, they need to come to a point where they are willing to admit to themselves and others that there is a problem. Affleck did this and sought help — two key steps on the path towards recovery.

Affleck may live with an ongoing addiction, but he sought help. He has people in his life to show him support and a willingness to be honest about his struggles. What can we, as coaches, learn from his experience? We need to create a space where we are showing support for those we are coaching. We also need to strive to provide an atmosphere where people can feel comfortable enough to be open and honest about what they are going through. By doing this, we can help their chances at walking the road to recovery with success.