Releasing the Authentic Self


“What you do in your life is History…
But what you put into motion becomes your Legacy.”  Paul Cole

In-depth Training on Resetting Family Patterns

Created for Professional Coaches, Counselors, Therapists and all others in career transition who want to:

  • Be Confident inviting clients to explore common limiting patterns related to addiction that arise in many relationships - from families and friendships to career and romance.
  • Save Time and Energy gathering books/ resources needed to create effective integrated materials to support people ready to step outside of negative family of origin mindsets.
  • Use a Proven Flexible System designed to help people experience and apply the most useful knowledge and skills in their next steps toward personal transformation.
  • Help People Create a Positive Lasting Legacy for themselves and their families regardless of how addiction has touched their lives.

Family Issues in Recovery takes the blinders off and provides tools to identify and help clients resolve limiting beliefs and behavior patterns. Insight is given into the alcoholic, the codependent, the adult child of alcoholics (ACOA), and families-of-origin touched by addiction. This program provides specific ways family patterns manifest in limiting beliefs or behaviors for clients in the present.

You can get started today and Create a Lasting Family Legacy of Care and Goodwill for yourself and the people you serve.

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Best of all, our students tell us how deeply this course impacts them personally. 

“Many aha moments! I finally understand the crazy dynamics between the kids in our family... we all played our parts to keep the system going.... even to our own detriment…”

“I can see ways to apply these lessons to my own family now.”

“I can intentionally create a healthy loving legacy in spite of addiction.”


Self-Paced Online Program

Professional Recovery Coaching (PRC) provides the Positive Answer to Preventing the Losses of Substance Abuse by helping people reconnect to their own inner capacity, resilience and sense of wellbeing.

You can get started today and Create a Lasting Family Legacy of Care and Goodwill for yourself and the people you serve.

Enroll in our Self-Paced Online Program and gain access to engaging and easy to follow Videos, Study Guides, Self-Discovery Worksheets and a Personalized Certificate of Completion.




20 Hours

Discover why “Addiction is not a spectator sport; eventually the whole family gets to play.

Coaches, counselors, teachers, other helping professionals and even family members will learn to view the family affected by addiction as a whole unit with useless strategies trying to cope with the distress and pain of living with active addiction. Identifying patterns of bonding, boundaries, rules, roles and rituals within the coaching relationship can release tremendous insight and bring hope and healing. People who grew up in alcoholic or addicted homes can become resourceful, contributing adults. Self-Discovery is the key for many people to move from struggling in recovery to thriving. Understanding “where we came from” often holds the promise of positive change and recovered possibilities.

In Family Issues in Recovery, you will learn:

  • The Family Legacy of multigenerational addiction
  • The critical role of relational (personal) needs in the context of our family of origin
  • Four major rules of dysfunctional families and how to interact as a supportive coach to families
  • Seven major roles that make up an intricate coping structure within addicted families and the goal of each role.
  • Four main categories of characteristics of Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACoAs)
  • To recognize personal Codependency issues and implications for professional effectiveness
  • The Codependency Cycle and its relevance in the Recovery Coaching process.
  • How to use Self Discovery Worksheets to identify Family Issues and Recovery goals.

Included with your tuition:

  • All Training Manuals as downloads
  • Coaching Tools and Self Discovery Worksheets
  • Course Study Guides
  • Coaching Tools on Templates You Can Customize with Your Brand
  • Free Membership in iCoachRecovery for six months ($120 value)
  • Access to Coaching and Recovery Experts in monthly forums
  • 20 Hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Family Issues in Recovery: Releasing the Authentic Self
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