IAPRC ( International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches) is an international training and credentialing organization offering CE training hours for ICF (International Coach Federation), NAADAC and Florida Dept of Health Licensure Board. Offerings include credentials in professional life and recovery coaching.



    • Encourages excellence in ethics, education, standards, professional development, industry collaboration, and public service;
    • Promotes the interests of professional addiction focused coaches and mentors in the fields of personal development, health and wellness, professional coaching, addiction care, behavioral health, pastoral care, prevention, recovery aftercare and support services worldwide;
    • Provides Association Services including: Industry advocacy and updates, events, training in support of certification and recertification, access to industry thought leaders, online resources, member networking, and a directory of certified members in good standing.

The IAPRC offers three Premier Educational Certification Programs:

    1. Certified Professional Recovery Coach Dual Program – for Individuals seeking two credentials: Professional Coach Certification (CPC/ Life Coaching) and Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC) for a Specialty in Addiction Recovery
    2. Certified Professional Recovery Coach Program - for existing Professional Coaches and others with Coaching skills seeking a Specialty in Addiction Recovery
    3. Certified Professional Coach (CPC) – for individuals seeking to earn a Life Coach credential through an in-depth program.

Benefits of Membership

  • Introductory Membership in iCoachRecovery for 6-18 months
  • Access to Coaching and Recovery Experts in monthly forums
  • Graduate Listing in Online Recovery Coach Directory
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Member Discounts for ongoing Professional Development



The IAPRC’s mission is to provide leadership in the emerging field of Professional Recovery Coaching worldwide in order to enhance the quality of life and health for individuals, families and communities impacted by addiction.

Our Certified Professional Recovery Coach Programs, developed by Dr. Jean LaCour, are based on decades of experience training thousands of people in the addiction workforce worldwide. The depth and quality of the course materials come from research and experience in clinical and nonclinical best practices in Addiction Recovery and Addiction Management. In the evolving world of addiction care, these programs represent a collaborative effort between the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches, NET Institute Center for Addiction and Recovery Education, and a notable team of highly experienced addiction professionals who have devoted their lives to helping others.

The IAPRC Programs offer dynamic online training that provides learners with a powerful and effective system which combines:

  • proven protocols of Professional Coaching
  • best practices in Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Recovery

You will master the latest in research-based Recovery Coaching Techniques, the Neuroscience of Recovery, Family Issues in Recovery, Addiction and Brain Chemistry, Motivational Enhancement, and Solution Focused tools.

Credentials Awarded:

  • CPRC: Certified Professional Recovery Coach
  • CPRC- Dual: Certified Professional Recovery Coach AND Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  • CPC: Certified Professional Coach


Courses comprising the IAPRC's Professional Recovery Coach Programs
are approved and recognized by the following Certification Boards
and Addiction related organizations:

The ICF, International Coach Federation, recognizes our training programs and has authorized us to provide 60 Hours of Approved ICF Continuing Coach Education credits (CCEs) through Blended Learning.  This means our students and graduates who successfully complete our self-paced online training Modules AND then enroll and participate in the corresponding Live Skills Groups for these online Modules, will receive valuable Certificates of Completion with ICF CCEs.

  • ICF Portfolio Pathway - Students and graduates can use their CCE certificates in the future if they decide to pursue ICF Credentials (ACC or PCC) through the ICF Portfolio Pathway. Existing ICF Coaches may use their CCEs toward recertification.

IC&RC/ International Certification Reciprocity Consortium/ Alcohol and other Drug Abuse Inc. serves seventy-seven addiction member boards across 24 nations. Our courses are recognized by the following IC&RC Boards:

  • Florida Certification Board/FCB, Single Source Training Provider #22-A
  • Georgia - Alcohol and Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia, Inc. (ADACB-Ga)
  • Bermuda Addiction Certification Board

NAADAC: The Association for Addiction Professionals representing the interest of over eighty-five thousand addiction-related professionals. (Premier Organizational Provider #81888)

Canada: Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC Global)

Egypt: International Substance Abuse and Addiction Centre of Studies, Freedom Program

Florida Department of Health Licensure Board approves all courses in each Program for Continuing Education for:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers, LCSW;
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselors, LMHC; and
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, LMFT. (Provider # 50-27934)

Training Materials consistently meet professional standards recognized by the federal agency called SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration which is part of the Department of Health and Human Services in the US federal government. Training materials meet the standards in SAMHSA’s Treatment Assistance Publication: TAP 21: Addiction Counseling Competencies: Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes.

NOTE: Certified Professional Coaches desiring to add a Specialty in Addiction Recovery check out our CPRC Program.

Addiction Recovery CEUs may be submitted to Professional Coaching boards for renewal in various categories.


Note: New levels of service and changes in the scope of practice in behavioral health boards do occur so students will need to research their own jurisdictions to see how to make best use of any CEUs for addiction or recovery credentials.

Students receive a certificate of completion with designated CE/CEUs from NET Institute for each course after all requirements are met. CE/CEUs are determined by the course content such as ‘understanding addiction’; ethics; recovery management; recovery support/wellness; ‘application to practice’, etc. Students may submit copies of their certificates to addiction or mental health boards listed above when they are applying for initial certifications or re-certification or re-licensure. Students report acceptance by other boards not listed above, especially for re-certification or re-licensure.

Non-Discrimination Policy Information

In accordance with all applicable State and Federal laws, it is the policy and commitment of NET Training Institute and the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC)  that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, or religion.