Certified Professional Recovery Coach Dual Program (CPRC Dual)

Earn Two Credentials with In-depth Training in Recovery Coach Competencies and Professional Life Coaching

Expanded Live Skills Practice Package Included - Conducted in English.

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Do you lack the credentials you need for credibility to do the work you’re called to do?

Is it time for you to build an economic advantage for yourself and your family by getting in on the ground floor of an important Coaching Specialty?

Do you want to leave a legacy and make the world a better place by ending stigma and helping people impacted by addiction?

CPRC Dual Program is created for people who desire credentials in both Life Coaching and Recovery Coaching. Great for Counselors, Therapists, people in Recovery and their loved ones, and all others in career transition who want to:

  • Learn the Essentials

    of Coaching, along with practical help in launching your coaching business.

  • Meet High Standards

    with blended training eligible for ICF CCE’s /Continuing Coach Education Hours (for ACC or PCC Portfolio Path)

  • Be Confident

    working with clients who may have addictive or codependent behaviors.

  • Be Trained

    in Professional Coach Competencies and Best Practices.

  • Save Time and Energy

    gathering books/ resources needed to create effective integrated materials to support people ready to step outside of negative family of origin mindsets.

  • Use a Proven Flexible System

    designed to help people experience and apply the most useful knowledge and skills in their next steps toward personal transformation.

  • Earn 2 Powerful Credentials:

    Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC).

  • Help People

    achieve their life’s goals and dreams while also thriving in sobriety.

NO Stigma associated with Professional Recovery Coaching related to use of alcohol or drugs. Focus is on Personal Strengths, Resiliency and Values.

Certified Professional Recovery Coach Dual Training Program (CPRC Dual) includes 7 Modules:

Your 1st credential program: Certified Professional Coach Training (CPC):

Discover why ALL Coaching is LIFE COACHING! In our Certified Professional Coach Program (CPC) you will complete our Life Coaching Essentials training. You will gain the skills and tools of a Professional Life Coach plus learn best practices for launching your own coaching business. You will learn proven protocols presented in the context of professional competencies established by the International Coach Federation (ICF). As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), you will be prepared to serve many types of clients besides those seeking Recovery Coaching.  READ MORE

Your 2nd credential program Certified Professional Recovery Coach Training (CPRC) includes the following 6 Modules:

Neuroscience of Joyful Recovery

Learn the effects of addiction on the brain and discover the foundational role that joy plays in recovery and how lasting, joyful connections are vital to the recovery process. READ MORE

Mini-Video Courses

Roots of Addiction: Learn how people use psychoactive drugs and behaviors to change their mood and to alter their state of consciousness. Learn about the brain’s chemical processes and ways to overcome craving.  READ MORE

Alcohol Effects: Learn about the physiology of Absorption, Distribution, and Metabolism of Alcohol and the concept of Blood Alcohol Level. Understand the role of tolerance and withdrawal in the development of alcoholism. READ MORE

Professional Recovery Coach Competencies Part 1

Learn the role of the Professional Recovery Coach along with the desired skills, traits and competencies needed for success in the coaching relationship. READ MORE

Professional Recovery Coach Competencies Part 2

Learn tools for eliciting client motivation and helping clients to correct discrepancies in their thinking and beliefs. These modules also cover special issues in working with families as well as ethical issues that are commonly addressed in Professional Recovery Coaching. READ MORE

Live Skills Practice Sessions (Online 20 Weeks - Conducted in English)

14 Weeks of Live Skills Practice based on Professional Recovery Coach (PRC) Competencies Part 1 & 2 plus 6 Weeks of Live Skills Practice based on the Family Issues in Recovery (FIR) Course. You will practice your new Coaching skills in a dynamic interactive online platform under the direction of a Master Professional Recovery Coach. READ MORE

Family Issues in Recovery

You will have many ah-ha moments with tools and templates to help clients resolve limiting beliefs and recurring behavior patterns. Gain Insight into families shaped by alcohol and drug use, trauma, codependency and dynamics that give rise to adult children of alcoholics (ACOA). This module includes practical ways to help clients to reset family patterns, reframe current challenges and deepen self-worth.  READ MORE

*IAPRC is a 501C6 Membership and Credentialing organization. Once earned, our CPC and CPRC credentials have ongoing membership and credential renewal requirements. Click here for fee and continued education hours schedule: Membership/Credential Renewal

Testimony from CPRC GRADUATE

"As a graduate of the Certified Professional Recovery Coach Program, I can say the instruction I received, and the continuing support, has been instrumental in starting and developing my practice as a Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC). The information was the most thorough and up-to-date I’ve received in my seven years in the recovery field. If you’re looking for a complete program to launch your new career specialty, look no further."
~ Carl W. – MS, CPRC, CPC, MATS

Certified Professional Recovery Coach Dual Program (CPRC Dual)

Earn 2 Valuable Credentials

Self-Paced Online Training & Live Skills Practice


Self-Paced Online Program with Live Skills Practice

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Certified Professional Recovery Coaches (CPRC) provide the Positive Answer to 1) Preventing the Losses of Substance Use Disorders ahead of time, and 2) Enhancing the Experience of Recovery for people on their journey to wellness. Professional Recovery Coaches help people reconnect to their own inner capacity, resilience and sense of wellbeing.

You can get started today and build a foundational base of knowledge to hone your skills as a Professional Coach Specializing in Addiction Recovery.

Receive CEUs and CCEs upon completion of this Dual Self-Paced Online Program with Live Skills Practice.

Enroll in our blended learning program of:

Self-Paced Study - gain access to engaging and easy to follow Videos, Study Guides, Self-Discovery Worksheets to use with clients, and Certificates of Completion for each course.

Live Online Practice – practice and improve your coaching skills with other coaching students under the guidance of of a master coach.

Upon successful completion of all requirements you will earn 2 important credentials:

  • Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC)
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

Self Paced - 10 Modules - $5097

Payment Plans Available

International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches


Certified Professional Coach Dual Program (CPRC and CPC)

“Professional Recovery Coaching is based on results. It empowers people to start their sober life on solid footing. It energizes people in long term recovery from addiction or codependency to discover new levels of satisfaction and purpose in life.”

Coaches, counselors, teachers, other helping professionals and even family members will learn the dynamics of a Strengths-Based system for changing addictive behavior including concepts such as Recovery Capital and Whole Life Recovery.

In the Certified Professional Recovery Coach Dual Program (CPRC Dual), you will learn:

  • How to organize, launch, and grow a successful Addiction Recovery coaching practice
  • Why people become addicted
  • Leading-edge Brain Research on Averting Relapse
  • Powerful Approaches for the Coaching Connection
  • Strengths-Based and Solution Focused Recovery Tools
  • To lead clients in Guided Self-Change using Motivational Interviewing techniques
  • The Personal, Professional and Community Competencies needed by Professional Recovery Coaches
  • Required documentation and current laws that affect Professional Recovery Coaching
  • The latest protocols and concepts in Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Recovery

Certified Professional Recovery Coach Dual Program (CPRC Dual)

Earn 2 Valuable Credentials

Open the Door to New Possibilities

Self-Paced Online Training & Live Skills Practice


ENROLL NOWPayment Plans Available


  • All Training Manuals as downloads.
  • Coaching Tools and Self Discovery Worksheets
  • Course Study Guides
  • Introductory Membership in iCoachRecovery for 18 months*
  • Member Access to Coaching and Recovery Experts in monthly forums
  • 20 weeks of Live Skills Practice Sessions
  • 100+ CEUs/ Continuing Education Units IAPRC and NAADAC
  • 60 ICF CCEs/ Continuing Coach Education Available

*Continued access to our member site, course content and other benefits requires ongoing Professional Membership. Professional Membership is also required for bi-annual credential renewal. This Membership will engage automatically after the Introductory Membership period for $16.95 per month.


Full Money Back Guarantee: 5 days from date of purchase. The Certified Professional Recovery Coach Dual Program (CPRC Dual) is nontransferable and non-cancellable after 5 days.


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