Certified Corporate Recovery Coach (CCRC)

The CCRC credential provides graduates of our CPRC training program, the opportunity to demonstrate to organizations around the world that they have attained a high level of competency as a coach. Therefore, giving an organization assurance that the coach has the skills to coach their team members effectively and professionally.

Coaches who hold the CCRC will carry a credential indicating the IAPRC's (International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches) highest level of confidence in you as a professional recovery coach. You also will have the confidence to market yourself to corporations, businesses or anywhere in the marketplace you may find a recovery coaching niche’.

Beginning in 2022, Coaches that earn the CCRC credential, will have the opportunity to contract with ICARE (International Center for Addiction Recovery Education) who will be able to market your services to potential corporate clients. ICARE will market individualized Professional Recovery Coaching services as part of ICARE Workforce Solutions products and services. You will also be listed in our Coach Directory as a CCRC coach.

Let your skills, knowledge and abilities go before you to open new doors of opportunity.

What’s involved:

Verification of coaching skills occurs by way of a formal review process with a Session Reviewer. A coaching session submitted for review must demonstrate all the core coaching competencies (derived from International Coaching Federation) that were taught in the Live Skills portion of the CPRC program. *If you participated in a Live Skills Practice Group prior to Aug 2021 you may need to obtain an updated copy of the Rubric. Please reach out to us at info@recoverycoachtraining.com

The formal review process requires the coach to upload a 30-40 minute coaching session (start to end) in video format, where both coach and client are visible on screen along with an accurate transcript of the dialogue. The session will then be reviewed and scored against the core competencies. View Example

A successful submission will demonstrate all competencies on the scoring rubric within the 40-minute time frame. During the time of upload, the coach will also schedule a private 1:1 meeting with a Session Reviewer who will provide feedback on the session; sharing areas of strength and opportunities for growth. You will also be given access to a 90-minute video training on Addiction Awareness in the Corporate Workplace to complete.

Should the submission reveal that the coach needs to focus on developing their skills further; the Session Reviewer will share feedback and ideas for growth that support the coach to do so. This may include but is not limited to ongoing practice or private mentorship (for a fee) with an ICF/NBHWC certified coach to support the coach in attaining the competency level needed for a successful submission.

The Credential:

As a CCRC you will be provided our designation badge to proudly display on your website or use in promotional materials.

Further growth and advancement opportunity exists to advance to the following badge levels as you increase your coaching hours and experience.

  • CCRC Credential

    skills verified

  • Bronze CCRC

    25 coaching hours logged

  • Silver CCRC

    150 coaching hours logged

  • Gold CCRC

    250 coaching hours logged

Some organizations may require a CCRC coach to have more experience coaching and the various designation colors will allow them to distinguish the level of experience the coach holds.

Here’s How to Begin the Process:

Purchase your CCRC application for $395.00 USD. Then you will be given links to do the following:

  • Upload a video coaching session with one of your clients (client release waiver required)
  • Provide a professional transcript of your session with coach and client text marked and time stamped.
  • Schedule your review with a Master Coach for feedback.

Coaches who have their skills verified through the above process and pass; will earn the CCRC credential and badge. Once your skills are verified in this process, you will receive access to a 90-minute Addiction Awareness in the Corporate Workplace Training Session. This training will be made available first quarter 2023. ICARE corporate contracts for coaching assignments, will require coaches to complete the 90- minute Corporate HR video training before acceptance.


Director of Recovery Coach Credentialing & Certification

Shelly-Anne Mckay


shelly a

With over three decades in business consulting, communications, sales, marketing, media production and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches experience. Shelly-Anne is often referred to as the “Change Catalyst” for her ability to bring out the best in people and restore performance in dysfunctional teams.

Shelly-Anne continues to support the growth of the coaching industry by working in collaboration with the most prestigious coach training organizations. This includes Kresser Institute’s ADAPT Health Coach Program, NET Institute’s International Association for Professional Recovery Coaches, and Strategic Sobriety Workplace Solutions. Shelley-Anne is a trusted advisor, supporter, and contributor to ICARE’s programs as a facilitator of coach education and workshops. She serves as a mentor coach to hundreds of coaches each year.

No refunds will be granted after 3 days of purchase or upon scheduling your review session

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