Professional Recovery Coaching Programs & Addiction Awareness Workforce Training

Help us shift culture to openly discuss and address addiction issues as well as any other life controlling or limiting behaviors.

Incredible opportunities exist in the field of Addiction and Recovery coaching, and you can earn commissions while impacting the lives of others when you refer individuals and organizations to our programs as a valuable Referral Partner.

Earn a great commission and help others. Enroll as a Referral Partner today and start earning your 10% commission on one of our Coaching or Addiction Awareness Programs.

How does our IAPRC Referral Partner Program work?

It is actually quite simple. After you are accepted into our Referral Program you can get started selling! You will receive special links to information on the following programs:

  • Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC)
  • Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC)
  • CPRC Dual Program (includes both of the above programs)
  • Certified Facilitator of Addiction Awareness (CFAA)
  • Certified Facilitator of Addiction Awareness – HR (CFAA-HR)

These links can be sent to individuals or organizations who may be interested in:

  • learning more about becoming Certified Professional Life or Recovery Coaches
  • training their organizations on Addiction Awareness topics
  • having our organization provide them with contract coaches.

Once the person clicks your unique link, our automated customer management system identifies every individual referred by you. If at any time during the following 3 months that person enrolls in any of the above- mentioned Programs, you will be credited a commission payment for that student. And the more you refer - the more you will earn.

How will I know which individuals I've referred have purchased any of these programs? You will be able to log into your secure account in our Referral Partner Resource Center and follow the progress of your referrals.

How will I get paid? You will be paid by check mailed to the address we have on file for you after the client has paid in full. You will need to fill out a W9 form prior to payment.

Can I add the IAPRC Certified Program offers and logo to my website? Of course. We think this is a wonderful idea and it's an easy way for you to increase your referrals. To help you with this, we will provide you with multiple clickable images that can be added to your website/s and emails. When visitors to your site click on the image, they will automatically be added to your referral list.

How do I get started? Complete the Referral Partner Program form below and submit. One of our team members will review your application to determine if you are a good fit to represent our product. You will receive notification within 5 business days of the outcome of your application.

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