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Opiate Impact

A new perspective on the science of pain recovery from opiate addiction. Interviews with recovering addicts and treatment professionals illustrate the challenges of opioids and offers a message of hope.

Many start using prescription opiates for pain from surgery or a chronic pain issue, then they continue to use for pain relief as well as anxiety or social anxiety. They started for intense pain, but found that use made worries and anxiety fade away. They like the feeling of euphoria and physical and emotional pain relief.

You can get started today and gain insight into how Opiates effect the brain and cause an unyielding cycle of needing more and more of the drug for less and less desirable effects.


  • Recognize signs of opiate addiction.
  • Understand chemical processes of the brain when influenced by opiate painkillers.
  • Differentiate between the three phases of achieving drug abstinence.
  • Review effective recovery tools used to break opioid dependence.