Fostering My Beautiful Brain

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Recovery is a life-long pursuit and relapse is an insidious specter waiting in the wings to derail the journey.

Relapse Recovery:

Fostering My Beautiful Brain

The reasons people give up their compulsive behaviors and compulsive use of psychoactive drugs vary, but their reasons almost always include survival. This film explores the phases of recovery: detoxification, initial and long term abstinence and recovery.

You will learn the "whys" of relapse and the "hows" of remaining clean along with a clear message of hope for those committed to recovery.

Hey, CPRC Students!You May have taken this course already in your CPRC Program, it was included prior to 2017

You can get started today and gain an understanding the origin of the craving and learn ways to effectively control them.


  • Understand the varying reasons that people give up their compulsive use of psychoactive drugs, but their reasons almost always include survival.
  • Understand that sensory and emotional triggers cause craving and a subsequent relapse due to their effect on memories, and subsequently, the memories’ effects on feelings and actions.
  • Understand that memories are retained as tiny bumps, known as dendritic spines.
  • Learn the effects of chronic long term high use of Alcohol on the brain and body.
  • Compare and contrast the two types of memories that effect relapse.