I’ve known Dr. Jean LaCour personally for over four decades and greatly esteem her as a pioneer and international thought leader in the field of addiction recovery. Her passion is unmatched for helping individuals and families facing addiction. In fact, she originated some of the most respected professional training programs in the field—equipping counselors, pastoral teams, peer coaches and recovery support staff to confidently and effectively serve in the addiction field.

Dr. Jean’s first-hand experience in scores of nations—from Egypt and Russia to India and Malaysia—confirms that her professional addiction recovery curriculum is universally applicable, cross-cultural and utterly transformational for countless millions of people in countries around the world.

She is a champion and advocate for anyone who wants to serve in the field of Addiction Recovery. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Jean LaCour and her work!

Jack Canfield
Jack Canfield Creator: Chicken Soup for the Soul Series & The Success Principles

"As a pastor and a counselor for twenty years, I am more than grateful to have these tools from NET Institute because of the growing need. There are many counseling materials I can use for marriages, anger and other character issues but very few that truly deal with addictions. Over the years I have counseled many people who have suffered with substance addictions and I have often struggled due to the lack of materials and training in this area. I look forward to taking and completing this program."

N.C., Indiana

"I feel very prepared to provide my clients with excellent coaching. I loved being able to have a practice client to work through the exercises with. And the exercises themselves were excellent, particularly the Circle of Perspective and the very in-depth New Client Interview. The hands-on nature of this course embeds the material within the student and helps the student build confidence by using the tools provided with a real client."

E. H. CPC , California

"I appreciate that it came with a course guide that I can continue to use. I also like that I can go back and listen to the program whenever I need it. Honestly, I like the time frame I was able to finish it in. It’s not that it’s short; it’s that it is succinct. There is no spoon-feeding and that worked for me. …the instruction sounds like it’s coming from a place of care and not just business. That said, I really did appreciate the business advice and plans at the end."

K.L. CPC , New York

“As a graduate of the Certified Professional Recovery Coach Dual Program, I can say the instruction I received, and their continuing support, has been instrument in starting and developing my practice as a Certified Recovery and Certified Life Coach. The information was the most thorough and up-to-date I’ve received in my seven years in the recovery field. If you’re looking for a complete program to launch your new career with two credentials, look no further. “

"I didn’t know if you were aware or not that I had passed the test for my FL Certified Addiction Professional credential. I am grateful for your help and wanted you to know. Thank you for all you do in the area of addictions and for your shining example."

“ I am a grateful graduate of the Certified Professional Recovery Coach Dual Program. Seeking a career change to support and add to my current professional skillset, my research led me to Dr. Jean LaCour. How fortunate to further my education and gain two credentials with such an accomplished leader in Addiction Recovery. It is with great enthusiasm that I highly recommend this program.”


"I have been coaching and mentoring teachers, parents, and students for many years. This formal training has given me structure and additional techniques to support more people to take their dreams off the shelf and dust them off. I am excited and motivated to help others to lead their life and not just accept it. Thank you so much for giving me a life time of techniques and support to help others shoot for measurable and sustainable results."

D.T., CPC, California

"This program has been great in helping me build on my past success with coaching and show me new techniques and perspectives when dealing with clients. It’s the diversity in thought in training that gives me the confidence that I will be able to coach my clients to succeed in their goals!"

N.N. CPC , Iowa

"Concerning my experience with NET Institute, first I must say that this has been one of the best choices I have made in my quest for gaining knowledge in the field of Recovery."

"Dr. Jean LaCour is a pioneer in the recent reemergence of the Recovery Movement.  Since 1996, Dr LaCour’s work has focused on raising the standards of recovery care and teaching these principles through the NET Institute and in her special work across the globe.

Dr. LaCour has been a NAADAC Approved Training Provider since 2003, training clinical addiction counselors and non-clinical recovery support workers in the US and in over 20 countries.

I value Dr. LaCour’s collegial support of NAADAC ‘s Recovery to Practice Advisory Board in which her valuable experience and knowledge has assisted in informing and in developing our National Recovery Support Specialist Credential.

I look forward to our continued domestic and international work together forging the principles and supports for global recovery!"

Cynthia Moreno Tuohy , NCAC II, CCDC III, SAP, Executive Director, NAADAC, The Association of Addiction Professionals

"Dr Jean LaCour has been a key player in the addiction recovery movement around the world for many years. Her wisdom, training and other advice for centres and workers globally has resulted in raised standards of care and the innovative development of new and existing programmes. Jean has been involved with the International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition (ISAAC), a network of over 1000 projects and individuals across more than 70 countries, since it began in 1997. She is now the President of the network. Jean’s wealth of experience means that her advice is regularly sought by ISAAC members at our meetings across the globe.

NET Institute has collaborated with ISAAC to deliver a number of international trainings to serve a variety of people and programmes, from grassroots, non-clinical organisations to clinicians and treatment professionals. These trainings have taken place in contexts as diverse as Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Spain, Sweden, Cambodia and Chile.

I have personally benefited from Jean’s insight, experience and advice in my role as General Secretary of the ISAAC network."

Treflyn Lloyd-Roberts, General Secretary, ISAAC  International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition, UK

"Being from a therapeutic background, I learned a lot about the differences between counseling and coaching. I learned how to take some of the information I already knew (such as the NLP Meta-Programs) and de-clinicalize (yes I know that's not a word :)) them to make them more accessible for the client. I am learning to master the coaching focus on questions rather than the counseling focus on answers.
I would recommend this course to people who are self-motivated. I have had a lot going on, and was able to leave the course for a few weeks, and come back to it when I could. The fact that it is self-paced made it perfect."

L.J., Arizona

"Professional Recovery Coaching came along just at the right time in my life!! I’ve been looking for a way to transition the approach and content I offer in my program for Adult Children of Alcoholics/ Dysfunction. You’re always on the cutting edge at NET Institute. Keep it up!"

"The tools provided in this course have given me an example of how much better my client can express herself with the questions provided. I had been working with this client for 4 sessions prior to her agreeing to be my practice client and although the 4 sessions told me a lot about her, it was a very inefficient method of accumulating the information specific to her actual goals and objectives. The tools provided got straight to what she wanted and I think made her goals much clearer in her mind. I feel well supported by these tools and more anxious to jump into a more varied group of needs than I did coaching without them. I know now how to better support them and commit to their success. I have a PhD in psychology and took another coaching course as a master’s certificate. It has been an excellent coaching course for me. The most valuable aspect of the course is the attention to the client that it masters; especially the vision statement. It is so personal that it really comes off as a gift to the client."

S. Z. - Massachusetts