Fostering My Beautiful Brain

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Explore the Quarrel Between Old Brain and New Brain

Roots of Addiction:

Fostering My Beautiful Brain

This course takes a fresh look at the ways biological and environmental factors contribute to addictions and compulsive behaviors. Research shows that any addiction results from a combination of inherited, learned, and practiced behaviors which can be treated and prevented. Alcohol, tobacco, prescription medications; illegal drugs including cocaine, heroin, and marijuana; and behaviors such as eating disorders, compulsive sexual activity, and compulsive gambling are also addressed.

The unique role of spiritual awakening and service to others in recovery are also touched upon. The course is presented with creative animation, live action, and easy to understand graphics.

Hey, CPRC Students!You May have taken this course already in your CPRC Program, it was included prior to 2017

You can get started today and explore the biological and environmental causes of addiction and the conflict between old brain cravings and new brain reasoning.


  • Understand that people use psychoactive drugs and behaviors to change their mood and to alter their states of consciousness.
  • Explain the progression of Addiction.
  • Understand the basic role of the neurotransmitter dopamine in creating compulsion.
  • Compare and contrast heredity.
  • Learn ways to overcome craving