Can AI and Life Coaching work together for the better of humanity? The rise of AI psychbots has many therapists and educators on alert. These bots and new technology are promising to be able to diagnose and talk people through tough times in their lives. While it is important to take into account the potential for bias in the algorithm and data privacy concerns, the marriage of AI and Life Coaching could be a beneficial one. IAPRC is taking this new technology seriously. We are actively looking for ways to incorporate it into our businesses and processes -not compete with it. 

New AI Technology

This smart mirror debuted at CES 2024 to industry acclaim. 

Baracoda, which has already been recognized with a 2024 CES Innovation Award in the smart home category, combines AI and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze the sentiment of whoever is looking into the mirror through expressions, gestures, and tones. It then adapts to your current mood and provides light therapy sessions, guided meditations, and self-affirmations, with the goal of improving your mood and better managing your stress.

The Rise of AI in Mental Health

In addition to integrating AI into hard technology, it is being integrated into places where we thought only humans could function. The case of the “Ask Martin” bot brings into light the issues that can be associated with training and branding AI. This article covers the programming of AI psychbots into virtual representations of real people. Using their own words and work, researchers were able to program the AI bots to give advice exactly like their human counterpart would. This means it could be entirely possible for an AI bot to give counsel to a person in distress. 

As a matter of fact, this is already in the works. Sunnyside, an app and program that claims to help people builder healthier habits around drinking has just gotten a major investment in its business. One of their top priorities is the introduction of “Sunny” an AI mindful drinking coach. We will definitely be monitoring the success of this product. 

Although AI lacks empathy and conscious awareness, factors that are so integral to therapy, AI has plenty to offer in terms of clinical practice. It can aid clinicians with administrative tasks. Natural language tracking has been found to be incredibly accurate for certain issues.

AI and Life Coaching

AI use with clients still has a lot of ethical issues to be worked out. AI may benefit potential clients who may experience social anxiety or feelings of shame at the idea of speaking to a practitioner in traditional face-to-face therapy. In fact, the online disinhibition effect states that people are more likely to self-disclose when behind a screen than they would in-person.

IAPRC has begun to consider AI and life coaching as it pertains to training. We see a great opportunity in further increasing the readiness of our graduates by using AI in coaching demonstrations and practice sessions for new students. Embracing new technology is just one of the reasons IAPRC continues to graduate competent coaches that are ready for business. 

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