As we highlighted in last month’s blog, our programs were awarded Best Overall, by Life Coach Magazine. Although this is a great honor, the most prized of the IAPRC reviews is that of real graduates. Why? Because this means our programs are not only working, but they are also breeding success stories all over the United States.

We are proud of the work our entire network is doing. From our founding ‘mother’ to the most recent graduate, we are making a difference in the recovery industry. 

This is why we love to hear IAPRC reviews. It is a great way for us to learn about our future impact.


Our Certified Professional Recovery Coach Programs, developed by Dr. Jean LaCour, are based on decades of experience training thousands of people in the addiction workforce worldwide. The depth and quality of the course materials come from research and experience in clinical and nonclinical best practices in Addiction Recovery and Addiction Management. In the evolving world of addiction care, these programs represent a collaborative effort between the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches, NET Institute Center for Addiction and Recovery Education, and a notable team of highly experienced addiction professionals who have devoted their lives to helping others.

The IAPRC Programs offer dynamic online training that provides learners with a powerful and effective system which combines proven protocols of Professional Coaching best practices in Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Recovery.

In addition, the ICF, International Coach Federation, recognizes our training programs and has authorized us to provide 60 Hours of Approved ICF Continuing Coach Education credits (CCEs) through Blended Learning.  This means our graduates receive valuable Certificates of Completion with ICF CCEs.


All of the training that graduates experience allow them to go as far as they want in the field. Whether it is as a recovery support coach, creating a place for community or growing a profitable business, our graduates definitely make their mark on the world. This makes sense because feeling prepared and supported was one of the common threads in all our reviews.

All of the following reviews are from real graduates. It is real life testimonials like these that keep us going!


“I have been coaching and mentoring teachers, parents, and students for many years. This formal training has given me structure and additional techniques to support more people to take their dreams off the shelf and dust them off. I am excited and motivated to help others to lead their life and not just accept it. Thank you so much for giving me a life time of techniques and support to help others shoot for measurable and sustainable results.”

D.T., CPC, California

“As a graduate of the Certified Professional Recovery Coach Dual Program, I can say the instruction I received, and their continuing support, has been instrumental in starting and developing my practice as a Certified Recovery and Certified Life Coach. The information was the most thorough and up-to-date I’ve received in my seven years in the recovery field. If you’re looking for a complete program to launch your new career with two credentials, look no further. “


“I appreciate that it came with a course guide that I can continue to use. I also like that I can go back and listen to the program whenever I need it. Honestly, I like the time frame I was able to finish it in. It’s not that it’s short; it’s that it is succinct. There is no spoon-feeding and that worked for me. …the instruction sounds like it’s coming from a place of care and not just business. That said, I really did appreciate the business advice and plans at the end.”

K.L. CPC , New York

Exceptional IAPRC reviews by graduates

We offer training and certification programs created for Counselors, Therapists, Professional Coaches and all others seeking a specialty in Addiction Recovery Life Coaching.

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