There are many people in your company that need addiction support programs. In today’s high-powered, high-stress business world many employees are dealing with addiction and mental health issues. The plethora of issues such as depression, drug and alcohol dependence, gambling, anxiety, over-eating, sexual compulsions are everywhere.

EAP programs are utilized by only a sliver of the workforce, and a phone conversation isn’t enough to provide the addiction support and direction employees need to overcome their biggest personal challenges.

In his article Steve Ward explains why developing Business Addiction Support Programs is essential as well as providing tips on how to do it.

Addiction Support Programs Help People Like This:

For a few moments, pretend you are the CEO of a company, and the following people work for you:

Dan is an alcoholic but doesn’t know it. He drinks every night after work, at social events, and to relax. He doesn’t think his drinking affects his high-powered job as V.P. of Sales. But, it does.

Ellen suffers from depression. She drags herself out of bed most mornings but has been calling in sick more often lately. She doesn’t want to lose her job as Operations Manager, but it’s getting harder every month to keep it all together.

Bart worries his son’s dependence on pills will turn to heroin. It started when the Vicodin he was prescribed for his football injury led to opioid dependence. Bart doesn’t know what to do, and he and his wife try to keep it quiet. He often finds it hard to focus on his job as an accountant.

They are struggling, and they don’t have a Business Addiction Prevention Program to turn to. If your company has 100 employees, there are likely 8 or 9 Dans, almost as many Ellens, and several Barts among them.  Click for Complete Article

Easy Ways to Provide Support

One is by separating work and alcohol, as this article suggests.

Of course, we know that there is a huge opportunity to change the culture of silence surrounding workplace addiction and we are completing development of a new program that can be carried to employees through the vehicle of business coaching and Certified Facilitators of Addiction Awareness.

For more information about our new 5 Hour Certification Training click here: CFAA Program

Check out all the ways we promote a healthy workplace!

Yours in sobriety!

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