Have you ever heard someone say in relation to their work or career “My heart is just not in it”? People may find a degree of success or achievement in their chosen career or business endeavor, but if their heart is not in it – they won’t thrive. It will be trudging along and surviving … all the while losing one’s sense of joy, satisfaction and purpose.

What if we flipped that script and used our powerful mind & intellect to ensure we succeed on the path our HEART chooses? What if we consulted our hearts? Of course, the mind has many objections … but what if? Wouldn’t it be worth taking the time to contemplate?

This article comes with a challenge … take some time for yourself … maybe it’s a day trip or a weekend away, or just some scheduled downtime at home without distractions. Ask yourself some of these questions and do some “heart searching”.

    • Take a look at your life currently. What’s going right? What makes you feel good? What do you have to be thankful for? What do you want to cultivate and increase in your life? What are some things that stop you from doing that?
    • What’s not going so well? What things do you find to be draining or an excessive burden? What are you tired of? What makes you feel down?

Now that you have gained some clarity on what’s working and what’s not, consult your heart on your future path. If you could do whatever you wanted, what would make your heart happy? Think on that. Let yourself go and imagine. Feel the feelings associated with those desires.

What are the skills and experiences you have that make you feel alive when engaging? What gifts and talents do you possess? What do others tell you that you do well? What do you do that makes others feel encouraged, valued or supported? Think on how you might do and experience more of these things.

The more you contemplate a future your heart agrees with, and the more you connect to the positive feelings and emotions it brings, the more you are motivated to make changes in your life toward those heart desires.

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