There are many reasons adults may choose to drink alcohol. Relaxation after a long day, the warm, pleasant sensation going down, an easy way to de-stress or just have fun.

Many can drink regularly without any outwardly adverse consequences. But if you are brave enough to take a moment to read the following article by Steve Ward, you may find there are more reasons not to drink than you think.

Do you consider yourself courageous? Do you aspire to be?

Because reading this article may be one of the bravest things you have ever done. Or, perhaps, sending it—with love, grace, and compassion—to someone you care about.  

To set the stage, know that I totally understand the positive aspects of drinking alcohol. I did it for over 30 years and got a great deal of enjoyment from it, so I get it why people choose to drink.

Perhaps you do it because it relaxes you and makes you feel better than before. Maybe you enjoy that warm, pleasant sensation as life slowly become less stressful and more fun. For a while.  

But you may sometimes wonder about your use of alcohol, even if you haven’t run into any big issues: no DUI, your family is doing okay, and you are still productive at work.   

Counting the Cost of Alcohol Use

Because our choices have consequences, good and bad. Which means that counting the cost of your use of alcohol is wise to do. And it is a courageous step to take as well.   

Take the next step in counting the cost of your drinking by determining which items below apply to you. Add up the cost of those that do and decide what you should do about the result:  

Money – It adds up: drinks when you go out, ordering wine at dinner, keeping alcohol at home for happy hour, and beer for the game on Saturday. When you do the math, you could be spending thousands of dollars a year on alcohol.   Complete Article

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