According to a Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Survey about 2/3 of Human Resource professionals believe that substance abuse is one of the most serious issues among the workforce.  Businesses are beginning to catch on to the fact that the critical area they need to address in their workplace wellness programs is prevention.

In this article by Steve Ward, learn why Employee Assistance Programs are largely ineffective in addressing prevention and how companies can catch the next wave of prevention in wellness.

Does your company care about its people?

Prevention: The Next Wave of Workplace Wellness

Prevention of burnout

If posed that question, most business executives would quickly answer, “Yes!” And many companies do care, at least about the productivity of their employees. But what about having compassion for them as individuals? As people? Enough to do something about it?

Because good companies should not only care about their people, but care for them as well.

This includes providing education and support to enhance employees’ well-being. This is an act of responsibility—stewardship—that is good for the business and the people who work there. 

Prevention of Addiction

In recent years, employee development and business wellness programs have begun offering a more complete suite of benefits. But there is a critical area not yet being addressed in many companies: the support of addiction recovery.

If businesses are serious about caring for their people, they need to address addiction prevention. And just envision the impact on employees, families, and communities when that happens!      Read More

Now is the time for Addiction Awareness in workplace wellness. For information on our Certified Facilitator of Addiction Awareness program visit us here: