The future of coaching is looking bright! If you have ever thought about adding a coaching certification to your skill set, then the future is here! The end of the year is a great to time to consider your next move.

Coaching is trending to become a major disruptor of the wellness industry. We have been talking about this happening for years!! Due to the positive effects of coaching, (particularly in a post-pandemic setting) there is expected to be an increase in demand for coaches. According to a Harvard Business Review report, organizations that incorporate coaching into organizational performance see benefits for retention, teamwork, relationships, and job satisfaction. 

Specializing in a niche area can make one stand out in the industry. The future of coaching is no more evident than in the addiction and recovery space.

Getting even more specific, especially if your own personal story combines with expertise can be even more attractive to clients. Targeting women in recovery or a specific industry such as the restaurant industry can help coaches refine their message, and find their clients.

This article by the International Coaching Federation perfectly explains upwardly trending future of coaching.

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Obtaining official training is important for both individual coaches and the coaching profession as a whole. We are a fully accredited training company launching thousands of coaching careers annually!

We offer training and certification programs created for Counselors, Therapists, Professional Coaches and all others seeking a specialty in Addiction Recovery Life Coaching.

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