Every year the topic of Dry January comes up more and more. Is this a trend that is here to stay? Has it turned into a tactic for people to ask themselves tough questions?

By the end of the month, many people will have had a successful month of no alcohol consumption. Many others, however, will be asking themselves what stood in the way of their Dry January goal. Just attempting to participate in this trendy health kick can be a great way to move people towards sobriety.

Once people have tasted the benefits of a sober lifestyle, maybe they can be persuaded to never taste another drink! The benefits are many and well documented. While the long-term effects of alcohol on the body are well known, it is the nature of man to not always consider things like liver failure and cancer when deciding to drink.

However, there are many instant effects of not drinking that can capture people’s attention. The effects of not drinking for the month include better sleep, brighter skin and sharp mental acuity. You can read more about the benefits and harms of moderate alcohol use in this article.

hand saying no to drinks in dry january

How Can Dry January Help?

Having a loved one or a client that needs to consider their drinking habit can be hard to approach. The trend of Dry January gives us a way to suggest an attempt. You could propose that you do it together or in a group. This way there is a support system in place to discuss how difficult it can be. It is also a great way to hold each other accountable.

Not being able to make it 31 days without alcohol is a great conversation starter that could change everything.

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