Just the idea of vacationing while sober can cause anxiety in a newly sober person. ​Certainly, everyone has to address where they are on the sobriety journey before deciding to travel. It’s admirable to accept where you are at in the recovery process, and take things at your own pace.​ ​If you do feel ready to venture out on a sober vacation, the first step is to plan for success.

​Here we highlight all the available ways to ​survive a sober vacation at​ this juncture of recovery.

Vacationing While Sober? ​More to Spend on Self-Care!

Once you calculate the cost of addiction​, substituting self care becomes a no brainer. Spend some time in the spa or plan an excursion that you may never have wanted to get up early for. Self care services like massage or facials are worth their weight in gold, especially when in the healing process. Outdoor excursions are typically alcohol free due to safety reasons, so these can be great ways to ensure that substances will not be present. ​

Book a Sober Vacation!

Like minded travel companions are the obvious answer to maintaining sobriety while on vacation. You can hold each other accountable and discover new, sober ways to enjoy vacation together.​ ​Thanks to the rising popularity of sober living, there are plenty of people to sustain the sober tourism trend. ​We love to see these many options for sober travel taking hold. This National Geographic article covers some of them.

The rise of the sober curious has given rise to companies that have been in this space for years, and now are experiencing their time to shine. For instance, ​this article covers many new options open to the many interested in vacationing while sober.

Get Some Professional Recovery Support

Recovery coaches are wonderful resources of tools to give you the support and confidence that you can survive vacationing while sober!​ Make sure to let your support network know in advance of your plans.​

We love the perspective that bloggers can bring to any situation.
Sometimes support comes in the form of first hand accounts, like from our very own Heather Lowe of Ditched the Drink.​ We love this blog post on vacationing while sober in Paris.

Truth be told, the Parisian waitstaff never offered me an alcoholic drink. No one batted an eye when I ordered alcohol free. There was no stigma for not drinking anywhere I went. I didn’t see anyone drunk, I didn’t see anyone drinking. I saw lots of Perrier. A virgin spritz was made with the same craft, care, glass, and garnish as you would expect from an Aperol Spritz. Paris cared so much less about my not drinking than Wisconsin ever did. Just saying. 

Perhaps due to the seriousness of a DUI offense in Europe or a long time cultural distaste for drinking and driving​, the bar scene is very thoughtful towards its alcohol free guests. There are not only many alcohol free items on many menus, the drinks are delightfully presented so it is not glaringly obvious that your drink is sans alcohol.

​We believe life in sobriety is fuller anyway. ​But here’s the good news: you can have fun on vacation and stay sober too.

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