We can all experience work burnout during our life. Unfortunately, it is more common than we’d like to believe. One of the greatest aspects of working as a recovery coach is the ability to create your own schedule and reduce your work stress. However, there may be other aspects of your life that are still stressing you out. These tips will help you to relieve the stress in your life no matter where it’s coming from.

Have a creative outlet. You deserve to have something you do just for fun. Combining fun and creativity is a great way to get your mind off the stresses that are a natural part of life. When you can create, you can have things that are just for you. It’s often difficult for those of us in this field to focus on ourselves, so if we’re instead focusing on a hobby, we’ll be able to get the timeout we need from daily stressors.

Seek support. Just because we are supporting our clients doesn’t mean we don’t need our own support system. No matter what you do for work or what other aspects of your life are stressing you out, you should always have people who are looking out for you. Seek out family members, friends, and coworkers who can listen to your struggles, celebrate your triumphs and just have a good time with you.

Understand your needs. Yes, you have your own needs that you must tend to. It’s okay to admit that your current life situation isn’t helping you with your needs. When you know what you have to do to remain happy and positive, you will be able to create a plan for your life where you can uplift those around you.

There is no shame in admitting you have too much on your plate. Although we’d like to believe we’re superheroes, the reality is that we are regular people who need just as much care as anyone else. Make sure you’re taking the time to stay healthy so you can be there for the people in your life who need you.