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When we are making the pitch for our coaching services, we are in essence really selling ourselves. Being able to “walk the talk” is key in gaining credibility with potential clients. In this blog post, Amanda Alexander, one of the UK’s top Life Coaches, sheds light on this and other strategies for getting your coaching business up and running on a firm foundation.

Three Essential Things You Need to Do Before Setting Up Your Coaching Practice

All too often, new coaches dive into setting up a new practice head first but soon find themselves sinking rather than swimming! Here are three essential things that you need to do before setting up your coaching practice. This is good old-fashioned common sense, but if you do these three things, you’ll set yourself up with strong foundations for a profitable and sustainable coaching practice.

1. Be Your Own Coach

I trained with CoachU, and a big part of their curriculum is “Personal Foundation.”  There’s a reason for this:  People buy people and your future clients will be buying YOU.  Forgive me for stating the obvious, but you are the product.  Sure, clients want the solutions we offer. But they also need to be convinced that their coach walks their talk.

So you need to work on your own “personal foundation.” Be your own coach, every single day.  Do all the things you’d encourage your clients to do: read more

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