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They say anything is possible if you believe, but what is faith or belief if it isn’t taking action? What if there were actions you could take that could make your dreams much more likely to come true? Well there really are! You can help bring amazing things into your life with your own abilities. Be open to every possibility, believe for the miraculous and take action!

Where to start:

  1. Be clear regarding your intentions. Do you know precisely what you want to happen? It’s not enough to hope for a financial windfall. Give your desire specificity and a timeline.
  • If you are vague, you may still get what you are asking for, but maybe when you said you wanted a raise, the .50 cents an hour you got wasn’t what you had in mind. That’s exactly what you might get if you fail to specify a dollar amount. Regardless of the type of miracle you seek, be specific! I want adopt 2 children this year. I want to transition to doing 50% of my work from home in the next 6 months. I want to increase my take home pay by $500 this month.
  • If you don’t want to limit yourself with a specific intention, you can always put “or better” or “or more” at the end of your intention, like “…$10,000 or better this year, lose 10 pounds or more this month, get this particular promotion or something better.”
  1. Rid yourself of disbelief. Your dreams won’t come to pass if you don’t believe they can happen. When you believe something is possible, you become more capable and more likely to take action. If you can visualize success you can put yourself in position to receive what you are believing for.
  • Each morning and evening, imagine your desire occurring. Relax and stay with the image until you feel comfortable. Build your own faith and belief that it can happen.
  1. Forget about “how” your dream will happen, and be open to any process that allows your dream to occur. Avoid specifying how your miracle will occur and just allow it to happen.

  2. Relax and pay attention. If you’re hoping for the man of your dreams to come into your life, it’s unlikely that he’s going to knock on your door and present himself, though he might. Instead, you will be presented with opportunities to meet the man of your dreams.
  • Keep your eyes open for any signs or opportunities. Accept that party invitation or finally decide to join that yoga class you’ve been considering for the last six months. Join the dating site highlighted in the email that shows up in your inbox each week.
  • The raw materials you need to make your miracle happen are all around you. Are you paying attention adequately? 
  1. Expect the best. It’s not enough to believe that something wonderful might happen. It’s necessary to expect it to happen. Start each day with the expectation that today is the day. Keep your head up and something great will happen soon enough.
  2. Be patient. Most days won’t be the day your miracle occurs. Maintain hope and be confident that your miracle is on the way. Great things take time. Be patient.
  3. Take responsibility. Are you doing all you can? Miracles tend to happen when you’re holding up your end of the bargain. For example, you have a better chance of landing a dream job if you’re applying for jobs each day. Ask yourself what are 5 things I can do today to reach my goal? Avoid relying only on luck for your miracle to happen.

Remember that you’ve already accomplished many amazing things in your life. Be clear regarding your expectations and be confident that your miracle will happen. Keep your mind open while you live your life expectantly. Miracles happen every day, and they can happen to you.