Many suffer from family woes and avoid painful circumstances to find peace in their lives. Others don’t quite understand how family of origin issues directly impact their current lives in a negative way. Understanding family dynamics enables us to transform negative family habits to health ones.

This is why NET Institute has taken 25 years of addiction and recovery training and repurposed it into strengths-based, positive future oriented Recovery Coaching Programs. To pair in-depth knowledge and insight in the addiction recovery profession with the powerful self-discovery tools of professional coaching, clients can unlock the limiting patterns and beliefs that have been holding them back from achieving their best life now. One of the first of these new courses is Family Issues in Recovery: Releasing the Authentic Self.

Family Issues in Recovery: Releasing the Authentic Self

This course is an open door to a new set of tools and skills development for those already in the recovery world or for those seeking to expand their coaching expertise. It helps professionals to identify and help clients resolve limiting beliefs and behavior patterns. A strong focus is put on the alcoholic, the codependent, adult children of alcoholics (ACOA), and families-of-origin touched by addiction. This program explains specific ways family patterns manifest in limiting beliefs or behaviors for clients in the present. It also provides guidance in using a variety of worksheets and tools that will directly impact your coaching or counseling practice.

Professional Coaches can offer Recovering People a New Perspective Beyond Addiction and come into Greater Alignment with their Authentic Self.

Seeking ICF accreditation? We also have LIVE Skills course hours for you!

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